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Flash's Song: How One Small Dog Turned Into One Big Miracle  

by Kay Pfaltz

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For those who enjoyed Amazing Gracie or Merle’s Door, here is a completely new tale of a rescued dog who becomes the unlikely purveyor of a powerful gift. What if most people have it wrong, and miracles are not the exception but the norm? Flash’s Song is the true account of how one person discovered the secret of miracles. It is a story of the power of laughter, the power of family, and, ultimately, the power of love to get us through life.

Freelance writer Kay Pfaltz was living a quiet, simple life with her three beloved dogs when suddenly her life turns upside down. Coming to terms with a failed relationship, she must now take her ailing dachshund, Flash, in for back surgery. But when the vet tells Kay that Flash’s problem is not a disc but in fact a tumor growing on his spine and Flash has, at most, three weeks to live, Kay is devastated. From here begins a journey of self-discovery and recovery that will open Kay’s heart to the greatest miracle of all.

Flash’s Song tells the story of amazing canine courage and remission against all odds. It is a ballad of love and redemption, and a moving account of how Flash’s three-week prognosis became five and a half miraculous months of learning, loving, and finally accepting.

Written in luminous prose, accompanied by poignant photos, and filled with keen insight into love, faith, and the power of forgiveness, Flash’s Song is not only a heartwarming ode to a little dog, but also a tribute to life and an invitation to cherish every moment of it. 20 color photographs.

Praise for Flash's Song:

“From the author of Lauren's Story: An American Dog in Paris, comes
another beautiful tale of the power of love and the healing against all
odds. Flash's Song is the tender story of a dachshund diagnosed with a tumoron his spine. But it is so much more than just another sick dog story. Flash's Song speaks not only to the power of love and the human heart in healing, but also to the connection between humans and animals—two things veterinarians have always known, but have not always voiced aloud. This is a beautiful memoir, whose insights into dogs, love and the intangible connection to all life will keep you turning the pages and lift your heart.” —Dr. Marty Becker, "AMERICA'S VETERINARIAN"

“This is a very unusual and very beautiful book because it is filled with both heart and wisdom. Reading the story of Flash and Kay is like having a conversation with life. The rewards for the reader are similar to the lessons learned from our painful life experiences. But Kay and Flash's story make it less painful, while at the same time enriching our lives and making them more meaningful.” —Bernie Siegel, MD author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

“There are few writers in existence who touch my heart more than Kay Pfaltz. . . . This book grabs us from the first page to the last and takes us into a sacred space where there is harmony on earth and poetry in the universe and love, love, love. Read it now!” —Amelia Kinkade, author of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth and The Language of Miracles

“Nonhuman animals (aka ‘animals’) can teach us numerous lessons about trust, forgiveness, dedication, peace, and love. For many people, dogs play this vital role in character building. And, the same goes for Kay Pfaltz. Flash’s Song, a deeply inspirational and moving book that covers our complete emotional landscape, shows clearly how a “salamander” wiener dog called Flash taught these and other lessons to Kay. His journey is a heartwarming reminder of just who other animals truly are when we open our hearts to them and allow them to pierce our souls.” —Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals and Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed

“I have admired Kay's writing for so many years--what a gift she has for helping us connect to animals and see and feel the beauty and wonder they bring into our lives. Like Lauren's story, Flash's Song is a gem, not to be missed. If you have ever loved an animal, you will feel a kinship with Kay as she so beautifully describes that precious gift of unconditional love that they give us. If you have ever grieved the loss of an animal friend, Kay understands the depth of that loss. As an animal rights advocate, I also love Flash's Song, because I believe it can help us all see the sacredness of each individual animal in the world--that they all--like Flash--have a story to tell, a family to love, friends to cherish, and a right to be free from harm. “ —Judy Carman, Peace To All Beings, Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul

“In my opinion, Kay Pfaltz is brilliant: as an author, as a human being – one who fully understands what it means to be love, the deepest, most expansive kind that includes all life. An artist of the highest moral and spiritual ranking, she offers this love so generously to the world through her writing drawn from her own experiences. Flash’s Song is magnificent, beautifully written from the Heart of Love within all, skillfully presented with a perfect combination of wisdom and humor. This is a book to keep close, return to often and give to everyone you care about.” —Rita M. Reynolds, Author of Blessing the Bridge and Ask the Cow

“Flash’s Song reminds us of the uniqueness of all beings, and their capacity to touch our hearts.”Jonathan Balcombe, author of The Exultant Ark

“Flash’s Song reminds us that with love and faith, nothing is impossible.” –Susan Wilson, author of One Good Dog, The Dog Who Danced, and A Man of His Own

"Mortality is a sentence passed on all of us, two- and four-footed alike. There are temporary reprieves, but there are no pardons.

If we read a book and really like the protagonist, we hope that the sentence won't be carried out while we're watching. We can pretend that time is frozen when we turn the last page.

So let's make it clear right now – and it's scarcely a spoiler – that we don't get our wish when we read Flash's Song: How One Small Dog Turned into One Big Miracle by Kay Pfaltz. But the subtitle is accurate. Mortality does not preclude miracles. Kay Pfaltz lets us watch them happen.

"I don't ever want another dog." Many of us have said that after the death of a much loved dog. That's where Ms. Pfaltz is in her life when the book begins. But she has a sister who knows better than that, which is how, one October day, she finds herself in the parking lot of a Barnes & Noble accepting delivery of a smooth black dachshund, resembling "a large salamander," who had been flown to Virginia from Arizona, where he had been dumped for a car. And, as one of the customers in her shop/café says, "I guess we find love where we can. And love finds us when it's right."

Flash joins Ms. Pfaltz in a period of emotional turmoil for her, and, as dogs are wont to do, he makes the turmoil easier to bear, sometimes by just plain love and sometimes by being enough trouble to take her mind off her other concerns.

Then, one November day, Flash is rushed to a clinic for back surgery. What was supposed to be normal IVDD turns out, instead, to be an inoperable tumor. And sentence is passed. Flash will live another two weeks. Three at most.

And that's where the path to miracles begins. You know that the word "miracle" is in book's title, and you want, desperately want, the fairy tale ending, even though you know that the book is non-fiction. And you get miracles, even if not the one you want. The miracles come slowly, as Ms. Pfaltz explores various purported homeopathic cures and gratefully accepts the days that are given to her to be with her beloved boy. He makes it to Thanksgiving. He makes it to Christmas. She wants him to see the flowers bloom in her backyard in the spring, but that seems so much to ask.

This is not a suspense novel, but we will still allow you to follow the spiritual journey – for this is a deeply spiritual book – of Ms. Pfaltz and Flash for yourselves. On the journey, she discovers, accepts and embraces her own feelings and destiny, just as she does for Flash.

Flash loved to sing, and in this book you will hear his song in happy times and sad. You will hear it still once you've closed the book." --Jerry Stemnock, Doxie Delights