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What animals teach us about death and dying and beyond:

Ever wondered what your animals are saying? Find out! Ever wanted to talk to an animal? You can! 

Patty Summers at

Caring, compassionate assistance as your beloved pet prepares for life's next phase.

Art with Intention: Great animal portraits and much more by Cecilia Soprano

Photography: Animal Portraiture, People, Events, Foreign vacations: Maxxis7 Photography,

Books for Animal Lovers,


Beagle and Dachshund Rescue Groups:

We don't have to support puppy mills by buying from pet stores or unscrupulous breeders. Every breed has a rescue group. Please show an unwanted dog that life can be good again. Please show your love by adopting from Rescue groups.

Dachshund Rescue Groups:

Oregon Dachshund Rescue:
Dachshund Rescue of North America:
Dachshund Rescue:
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue:
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue:
Dachshund Adoption:

Beagle Rescue Groups:

BEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT - This group does wonders. They work directly with laboratories, negotiating to find homes for their beagles (instead of euthanizing them) once finished with testing. While I would love to see the end of animal testing, I applaud the way Shannon Keith and staff work diplomatically with labs.
B.R.E.W. Beagle Rescue Education and Welfare:
B.O.N.E.S. Beagles of New England State
Sos Beagles:
Southern Maryland Beagle Rescue:
Arizona Beagle Rescue:
Nittany Beagle Rescue (Lemont, PA):
Cascade Beagle Rescue:
Ziggy Beagle Rescue Florida:
Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue
Caleb's Canine Rescue, Inc.
Petfinder's List of Adoptable Beagles
Beagle Hound Rescue Houston
Dallas-Ft.Worth Area Beagle Rescue & Houston
Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue
Beagle Adoption and Rescue Center of Southern California-California
Columbia-Willamette Beagle Club Beagle Rescue-Oregon
Seattle Beagle Rescue
TriBeagles Rescue-North Carolina
Colorado Beagle Rescue
Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue - in Sparta, NJ
Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue - Serving Southern New Jersey
Tall Tails Beagle Rescue - in Falmouth, ME
Beagles rrrrrr Us - throughout Ohio
RobDar's HoundSong Rescue - serving Indiana and Illinois
Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland in southern Maryland
Beagles to the Rescue - in Chesapeake, VA
Sand Hill Beagles - in Pinetops, NC
Atlanta Beagle Rescue - in Atlanta, GA
Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue - in Louisiana
Mostly Beagles - in Olive Branch, MS
Beagles and More Rescue - throughout Kansas
Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland - in Shawnee Mission, KS
Silverwalk Hounds - in Cape Girardeau, MO
Oklahoma Beagle Rescue - Norman, OK
Bluebonnet Beagle Rescue - outside Houston, TX
Houston Beagle Rescue - in Houston, TX
Lone Star Beagle Rescue - in Dallas-Fort Worth and western Texas of Arizona Rescue Club - in Surprise, AZ
New Mexico Beagle Rescue in Santa Fe, NM (Currently Inactive) California Beagle Rescue - in the California Bay area
Cascade Beagle Rescue-West, Inc. - in Portland, OR

The British Columbia Beagle Rescue - part of the B.C. Beagle Club (Canada) - in British Columbia,
Beagle Paws - in Newfoundland, Canada
Big On Beagles - in Toronto, ON

International (All who read this, please feel free to share with me valid rescue groups working around the world. Thank you.)

Animal Aid Unlimited - a wonderful and devoted organization helping animals (dogs, cows) and spreading love and compassion in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Check out some of their heartfelt videos on

Rescue Resources, Safety Guides and General Information

Purebred Adoption Bulletin Board - located on this site, the list allows you to post information about a purebred beagle in need of adoption. It is one of the most popular pages on the site and has help placed many beagles.

Beagle-Mix Adoption Bulletin Board - also on this site is a list for the adoption of mixed-breed beagles (as opposed to purebreds). The dogs on this list resemble beagles more than any other breed. Mixed-breed beagles can be an excellent choice of dog for people desiring the size and general personality, but who are looking for a “toned-down” version of the breed.

Assistant Dog Resources,

Emergency Planning for Pet - Very useful information for all to print out and have at hand.

Pet Safety Tips - Great resource for pet-proofing your house. Pet Safety Guide.

Pet Safety in the Car - Helpful information on animal safety in the car. Please remember never to leave a dog or other animal in the car in warm weather, even for short periods of time.

Mad Paws, Road Safety for Dogs - Highlights safety measures for pet owners while on the road, including dangers and how to prevent them.

Travel within the U.S. with your Companion Animal - state-by-state interactive map that allows pet owners to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates, permits and vaccinations that are required to move their pet to a new state. Failing to meet these requirements could result in a fine or other penalties, and could potentially put one's pet at risk when travelling or moving to a new state.

Vitamins and Disaster information for your Companion Animal,

Shopping Green for your Pet,

Pet Proofing Your Home - Good information about keeping your home safe for companion animals. Remember many products the FDA considers safe are toxic to our frirends (and ourselves).

Foster a Service Dog,

Help with Vet Bills,

VA Benefits for Service Dogs,

Dog food / product recall alerts:

Dogs in small spaces: Care for your animal companion in an apartment or condo.

Share the bed with an animal? Check out these tips:

Home Safety for Animals -