New Beginnings

Lessons From My Dogs

New Beginnings                      

Green Hope Farm offers a flower essence called ‘New Beginnings.’ I’ve been adding a few drops of it to the dogs’ water each morning because we have added a new member to our family. Her name is Olive.

This is a new beginning for Chance, Sasha and me as we welcome Olive into the fold. And it is certainly a new beginning for Olive as she leaves behind memories of abuse. Olive weighed nine pounds (normal weight is about fifteen) when my sister rescued her from her previous situation. So weak she couldn’t stand, she lay on her side on Amy’s bed, ribs poking out, eyes open but and far, far away. The problem is that Olive’s pancreas doesn’t secrete digestive enzymes and she cannot assimilate her food. To treat this condition I must buy a special freeze-dried pancreatic enzyme which is costly. Her pervious people may have fallen on hard times as so people have, their animals succumbing to neglect when the paycheck doesn’t match expenses.

These days and months are a new beginning not only for our small family but for many beings in our collective family as Mother Earth shifts under our weight. The Mayan calendar comes to an end and perhaps so too does our primitive mentality, one which was based on greed, competition and scarcity. My cousin compared the climate of change and what's happening in American and around the world to the feeling prior to the French Revolution. The people knew something big was on the way, but didn't know what. Perhaps it's that uncertainty that many fear. But I think it's an open doorway for us each to step through and be our highest, best selves. Which leads us right back to the heart and Olive.

To me this little dog is symbolic of the compassion and love necessary to raise the world’s consciousness. She exemplifies easy acceptance as she slips into our lives without drama, recognizing her new home and showering me with a love most humans would feel needed first to be earned. Equally accepting are Chance and Sasha as they welcome Olive by sharing their space, their toys, their lives.

All around me I feel huge changes taking place. When I talk to others, they’re experiencing the same sensations as I am, our hearts opening, feeling a love that is unlike any before. Unbeknownst to me, I think my dogs have always lived on this level.

I also think animals think and feel on a level different than we, one in which we perhaps only get glimpses because with our rational minds and intellects we've lost our emotional intelligence. Yet maybe that is finally changing and we're regaining the heart intelligence we'd lost, the heart intelligence on which the natural world spins.

This day on which I write is a perfect fall day, piercingly beautiful in its clarity. The golden poplars stand in the late afternoon sun wearing hallows of light. I too stand for a moment without thought as Olive excavates my yard in search of a long vanished just the same way Flash used to. In that moment I see not only a new life beginning but also life’s continuity. I take a deep breath, taking in these poignant days that will never come back to us. We cannot walk over the soft and faded trails of childhood except in memory. And today we cannot walk over our wooded trails like we normally do because of the hunting season. So we set off down the road, a new beginning.