Sharing miracles

If you have a miracle you wish to share, please email it to me at Let me know if you wish me to include your real name or not. List your city and state. I have received beautiful stories from different corners of the U.S. speaking to me of varied emotions from vulnerability to courage, but always including a similar theme: the miracles of life. I welcome your miracles here! At the end, you'll find one about my own mother.


Sybil, Klamath Falls, OR:


My name is Sybil and it is okay if you use my real name. I live now in Klamath Falls, Oregon but I am originally from New Jersey.

Anyway, I believe there have been many times in my life that I experienced divine intervention, so therefore, I have had a lot of miracles happen. This is just one of them.

I am a stutterer, and my father was before me. My oldest child has even had a slight case of it early on in his life. I was teased constantly during my grade school and some of my high school years because of it, so I barely spoke. I thought my life was over before it had really even started. I would cry day after day, because it was so bad, and I did not see any hope.
Then, when I was sixteen, I was home because it was a weekend, and I was looking in my mirror. I heard a voice inside of me say "All you need to start doing is to replace words that you cannot say with words that you can, that have the same meaning."
I started practicing that very day, and it was a very gradual process, but it did start working over time.

The second part of this miracle happened years later. My son was about seven years old, and he was in speech therapy in school. His teacher and I were talking and I told her that I was also a stutterer. Her eyes got big and she asked me how I healed from it. I told her my story and that I never had any therapy, and she got very quiet for a moment. She then told me that there is a therapy still in use today, just like the one I had experienced and practiced, and yet, I had no way of knowing about it back then.

     -E.F. Menlo Park, CA:

             “I picked up your book at a very vulnerable time. I don’t have quite the courage to go into details like you did in Flash’s Song but suffice it to say I was in a bad way. One thing that was happening was that my job was falling through. You ask if someone badly wanted something or needed something to happen. Well, I did. That is when I began reading your book, by chance, every night at bed. As you spoke about the changes going through you and Flash, I felt I was being changed too. Every night I looked forward to reading Flash’s Song and didn’t want it to end. It is hard to put into words but it brought me such comfort and at the same time I felt like I could do anything. I felt powerful. It was as if magic was happening. It truly was a miracle.

            I got the dream job and things started going my way. I know it was all because of your book, Flash’s Song. Here is what I think happened: Maybe the book itself does not possess magical properties, but it was so pure and so heartfelt, that I felt those qualities seep into me while reading it. It was the magic I needed. It’s like when somebody tells you how strong and powerful you are and you feel uplifted. Or when you read a good horoscope and feel everything will go you way, and then it does. Well, this is what happened to me after reading yours and Flash’s beautiful book. It was the magic and impetus I needed and I changed and things started going my way. I started reading it for a reason at that desperate time and it soothed me. It changed me (or helped me to change.) Because I believed it made me stronger and better, I actually became stronger and better. So for me, from now on I carry a copy of Flash’s Song with me like an amulet if I’m going somewhere where I need something to happen in my favor. I take it with me if I need a little extra protection. Thank you for writing and sharing your very heartfelt story of Flash. He was indeed a miracle and you have truly, truly helped me on my path in this life. Someday, some way, I hope I can repay you.”


  -Shirley, Amherst VA:

             “My miracle was a relationship that was on the rocks. I am also a dog lover and had a dachshund long ago, growing up. I’ll be brief but wanted to share the fact that I think your book really did turn my life around. My boyfriend was breaking up with me for some valid reasons, but some not so valid reasons too. I was a wreck. I couldn’t think about anything but him and us, or soon to be ‘not us.’ Anyhow, a friend, also a dog lover and someone who works with rescue, had given me your book. When I got to your struggles with your relationship, I didn’t think I could keep reading, but I did. And what you wrote helped me greatly. It helped me to see that maybe I could change some things about me, then maybe he wouldn’t leave. If he still left anyway, then I’d still have those things changed about me. Your words and insight into relationship were beautiful and helped me see there are always two sides to every story. Your words about living with an open heart at the end acted like a miracle to me. I am doing that now, and I’m a different and better person. Yes, he is with me too! Yay! I’m sorry your relationship didn’t work, but you seem stronger than I am. You seem okay without it. I would have emailed you to say thank you, even if you had not had this special space for people’s miracles. I know it was your words and wisdom (or Flash’s wisdom!) that helped me in more ways than I can say.”


   -Kay Pfaltz, Nelson County, V:

     “My mother is eighty years old and still hikes and camps in the national forest on her own. This fall she set off, tent camping, in the George National Forest. I went out with Chance, Sasha and Olive to visit her. She was the only one—there was no one else around for miles. We set up her tent then pulled two chairs over to the river’s bank. And there we sat together, sharing wine and cheese, as the sun set, casting its light, like “apricot diamonds” (my mother’s words) through the last of the Hemlocks and the dogs sniffed around and the river sparkled in the light. But I had to return home, and I left her there alone in her chair before the golden river… all eighty years of her, looking small and vulnerable. There are bears in these woods; worse than bears are the people who do harm, why I don’t know, to other innocents. But I drove off, a small lump in my throat. Over and over I said to myself, “She’s doing what she loves. She didn’t stop her children from playing outdoors when we were little. She didn’t stop me from traveling around the world solo when I was 26 and 27, even though she worried. And so I cannot stop her from doing that which she loves.”

            "Only later did she tell me the story of what happened. She did not get attacked by bears or bad boys in the woods. But she did pull her car over to the side of the road on the way home. And she did wander into the woods in search of a special kind of mushroom she’d seen the year before. And she did get completely turned around, after walking farther than she’d expected and yes, she did get lost. She never had a good sense of direction, but she does have good woods-smart. She told me later that she’d been prepared to sleep in the hollow of a tree like John Muir did, or drink from the puddles. But it was quite cold at night—in the thirties—and there were wild animals about who might have found her a tasty bite to eat. At eighty, with a bad back and hip, I don’t think she would have fared so well. What she had going for her was that, when younger, she had hiked all over that mountain side. She kept her calm and she kept her wits about her, and after hiking for more than four hours, pretty much straight, she made it out of the forest and back to her car. She was shaken and exhausted but, she’s tough and, she was fine. The reason I add this here is because she had neither water nor compass in her daypack when she went into the woods in search of the mushrooms. She had only one thing, she told me. A copy of Flash’s Song. She said it was a miracle she got out safely. And I like to think my little Flash, who loved my mother above all except perhaps for me, helped guide her out safely. Anyhow, I’m grateful.


If you have a miracle you wish to share, please email it to me at